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Regulation-wise there are two types of marijuana use: recreational and medical. Those looking to indulge recreationally need only be 21+, show a valid ID, and purchase from an authorized retailer – no more than one ounce per visit though. Kids just shy of the official mark may still access their green fix too; 18+ year olds approved by Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Registry can procure medicinal weed without any question asked (or answered!).

At Egozi, we believe equipping yourself with cannabis knowledge is key and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of education and understanding surrounding cannabis regulations!


Living in Denver means you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis, but it’s important to stick with private settings for its use. Smoking, eating or vaping on public property and federal land is not allowed – even outdoors! The state government highly recommends consuming your favorite herb only from within a secure home environment – one that has clear rental agreements if need be. This way everyone gets to experience all Colorado living has to offer without compromising their health or safety when using cannabis products!

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