Clean Hash

Here at Egozi, our top priority is to make the cleanest hash possible. Every gram that we release has to meet our team’s strict quality standards; we’ll never settle for less than the best. This dedication to making clean and high quality hash results in a product that’s always flavorful, potent, terpene-rich, and exceptionally shelf-stable. We believe that you can truly feel and taste the difference when consuming our hash.

Quality That Can’t Be Faked

To us, quality isn’t just a word; it’s a feeling. We want our supporters to feel the care that goes into every single Egozi product. Our team’s obsession with quality begins in the grow and extends all of the way to our packaging department. Each step of the way, our crew’s committed to excellence through passion, attention to detail, and hard work.

Our Story

Egozi Family Hash was founded by Elias Egozi, a mixed martial arts fighter who has a passion for clean cannabis. When Elias isn’t training, fighting in the ring, or working with our team, he’s enjoying time with his family. This work-life balance led to the creation of Egozi Family Hash, where Elias’ love of top shelf terps and family meet in the middle. From the start, the family atmosphere in his life has been a part of our company culture as well! We’re a tightly knit group of cannabis enthusiasts whose shared values revolve around a love for quality hash. Even though it may sound cliché, our team truly feels like a family.

Our Hash

Solventless hash has come a long way from the old-school hashish that was made over 1,000 years ago. As time has gone on, a wide range of technological advances and new techniques have allowed solventless extracts to become more refined than ever before. Today, we utilize state-of-the-art tech and our own special processes to make hash that’s always exceptionally clean, flavorful, and potent; while also being free of chemical solvents. This isn’t your grandparents’ hash.

Our Process

Everything starts in the grow, where our cultivation team gives each plant the intensive care that it requires. They stick to a rigid nutrient and watering cycle that we’ve tweaked and perfected over time to produce the healthiest plants possible, which are the ideal starting material for our extracts. While they’re being harvested, each plant is immediately frozen to preserve its trichomes and the phenomenal hash that lies within. We then wash the flower to extract its perfectly preserved trichome heads, which make up our water hash. Afterwards, we press the water hash to make rosin.

Expertly Cured

While our team enjoys rosin during every stage of its life cycle, we’ve found cold cure to be our favorite consistency. That’s why after pressing our rosin, it’s given time to cure before getting whipped. These steps require the right timing and a delicate touch so that the resin can remain fresh over time. Thankfully we’ve fine-tuned this process so that all of our extracts have a long shelf life, whether they’re stored in the fridge or on a desk.

Organic Pesticides Only

At Egozi, our cultivation team only uses organic pesticides. We firmly believe that this is the best way to keep our plants clean, along with using rigorous sanitary practices in our garden. This dedication to only using organic pesticides is just one factor that sets us apart, but we believe that it’s truly a key part of ensuring that our starting material is clean in every sense of the word.