– About Egozi –

About Us

Egozi Family Hash is a single source producer of solventless hash that was founded by Elias Egozi, a mixed martial arts fighter who has found joy and relief in cannabis. When Elias isn’t training, fighting in the ring, or working with our team, he’s spending time with his family. This work-life balance led to the creation of Egozi Family Hash, where Elias’ love of top shelf terps and family meet in the middle. From the start, the family atmosphere in his life has been a part of our company culture as well! We’re a tightly knit group of cannabis enthusiasts whose shared values revolve around a love for quality hash. Even though it may sound cliché, our team truly feels like a family.

Our team’s passion for quality hash is why you’ll never see us settle for “good enough”; the extracts that we make always have to be the best they can be, because that’s what we expect of ourselves. If it isn’t terpene-rich, top shelf hash that melts cleanly, then it isn’t Egozi Family Hash.

From Cultivation to Hash

We’re a single source operation, which means that all Egozi hash is made using starting material that’s grown in-house by our own cultivation team. Doing this allows us to control every single factor in our garden, ranging from the genetics that are being cultivated to the watering and nutrient cycles our plants are kept on. On top of sticking to a rigid schedule, our team avoids the use of pesticides entirely. We believe that the flower coming out of our grow is some of the cleanest in the state of Colorado, and all of it goes directly into making our hash.

For Newbies

Consumer education is a big part of who we are. Everything about our brand, from the packaging (which includes educational terpene booklets) to our dispensary pop-up displays, is centered around being approachable and informative. It’s okay if you’ve never even dabbed before; we’re here to help.

The Right Choice

For Casual Consumers

If you like to consume cannabis on the weekends and only want to know that what you’re buying is good, rest assured that Egozi hash is an excellent choice. Being a reliable and affordable option matters to us, which is why our crew remains focused on providing a consistent level of top-shelf quality at a reasonable price point.

For Connoisseurs

As a group of hash connoisseurs, we’re very particular about the solventless extracts that we consume. This ethos extends into our products as well. All of our hash is clean, flavorful, potent, terpene-rich, and exceptionally shelf-stable; because that’s what our standards demand. If our team wouldn’t buy and consume the hash that we make, then we wouldn’t release it.

Premium Hash

High Quality Rosin