– Our Products –

Every Egozi product is completely solventless. This means that our extracts are made using only cannabis, ice, water, heat, and pressure. We firmly believe that avoiding the use of chemical solvents produces hash that’s potent and free of impurities, while also showcasing cannabis resin in the purest way imaginable. Every gram that we release has to meet our team’s strict quality standards; you’ll never see us settle for less than the best. This dedication to making clean and high quality hash is why Egozi products are always strong, flavorful, terpene-rich, and exceptionally shelf-stable. You’ll have to try our hash to see exactly what we mean, but trust us – you’ll understand.

Rosin Process

What’s the point of making rosin if it isn’t as clean as possible? Our obsession with purity is why when pressing our water hash into rosin, we use stainless steel bags instead of nylon. While nylon bags may be the industry standard, studies have found that they can affect rosin’s purity by slightly melting under the heat of a press. However stainless steel can handle the heat! Its durability makes it the ideal material for our purposes, so that we can continue producing the cleanest hash possible.

Solventless Or Bust

As a brand, we believe that solventless hash is the purest form of cannabis extract. All Egozi products reflect this belief; our team will never release anything that’s made using a chemical solvent. Not only does solventless extraction negate the risk of residual solvents remaining in the finished product, but it also preserves a strain’s resin in a natural way that doesn’t disturb or alter its original terpene profile. This is exemplified by the effects that are produced by hash rosin, which mimic flower’s effects in how full-bodied they are. In our opinion, nothing beats solventless hash.

A5 – 90u

We believe that rosin should have various tiers to reflect its quality. All of our A5 rosin, named after the finest grade of Japanese beef, is the definition of top-shelf hash. It consists of premium 6* trichome heads that have been pressed under low temperatures to create a homogenous consistency that tastes great and produces a clean melt.

Our Product Tiers

Choice – Mixed Micron

Rosin that falls under our Choice tier is made using trichome heads that vary in size. Doing so allows for a larger yield, which means that less water hash is able to produce more rosin when its pressed. While we still use low temperatures, the end result is less flavorful than our A5 rosin; but it costs less and still produces a clean melt.

Extractor’s Choice

Our Extractor’s Choice tier is for the best of the best. The head of our extraction department, Mikey, personally determines which batches fall under this category. They can be from either our A5 or Choice tiers, all that really matters is Mikey’s opinion. You’re always guaranteed some very flavorful and terpene-rich hash when purchasing our Extractor’s Choice rosin.

Premium Hash

High Quality Rosin